A canoeing journey of discovery to your strengths, resources and motivation

June 18, 09:00-16:00 (UK), 10:00-17:00 (CH)

Take an active break in nature and experience …

Fantastic lake landscapes - change of perspective - fun on canoes - companionship - personal development - discovery of your capabilities, resources and motivation - cooking on the bonfire - sleeping in the outdoors - exciting encounters with colleagues of yours

We spend 3 days discovering a fantastic lake. We will carry everything we need on canoes and sleep at beautiful places at the shore. You will learn basic outdoor skills such that we can enjoy a fun and somewhat luxurious time in nature together. During this journey we dive into personal and group processes: What are my strengths and capabilities? What are my resources? What gives me energy and motivation? We tackle these questions with action-oriented and experience-oriented methods. During this active break you will be able to look at work from a wider perspective. On the fly you will also learn some basic outdoor skills.

About Flo

Sparkling eyes, heartful laughs and clear minds looking to the future motivate me again and again to organize outdoor workshops for groups. This is why I became a freelancing outdoor trainer, after graduating from D-INFK in spring 2020. While my PhD thesis was on bio-inspired learning and optimization, I am currently fascinated in how to create environments in which people can grow, develop and contribute as they wish - in outdoor adventures, in teams, in organizations.