June 22, 16:00-17:30 (UK), 17:00-18:30 (CH)

Excellence is what scientists usually strive for, since they are considered as experts in the public eye and the scientific community generally expect high quality of contributions. However, mistakes are not avoidable, especially for people in the early stage of their career.

Does excellence equate to doing everything perfectly? Should we avoid doing things that we know we cannot deliver the topmost quality? How big is the room for mistakes in research? We will explore these and some other related questions in the unworkshop.

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About Hung

I am a doctoral student in theoretical computer science at ETH Zurich. I also have a business background and worked in the accounting and financial industry before. I am passionate about solving many abstract problems in the realm of mathematics and practical problems in the real world. I value interdisciplinary thinking, where problems are approached from different perspectives and solved by the collective effort by a diverse group of people. In my free time, I enjoy exploring different ideas, expressions, and places.